Flat rate charges include the following

  • 10 days of container usage – customers must call for pickup or you may be charged for extra use days.
  • ONE Delivery and ONE pickup- Each empty box begins a new charge.
  • Disposal of up to 14 tons of acceptable waste (5 tons for 10 or 15 yard Handi-can containers)

Unacceptable items include but are not limited to:

  • Drums/buckets containing liquids
  • Mattresses, Box springs
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Appliances, Televisions, Microwaves
  • Fluorescent bulbs, Ballast, Electronics
  • Computers
  • Lead base painted items
  • Railroad ties
  • Creosote coated materials, Telephone poles, Power poles
  • Household garbage, Food waste
  • Liquid insecticides
  • Paint thinners
  • Solar panels
  • All Asbestos material such as tile siding, roofing material (tar), flooring, etc.

Please note that this list is not all-inclusive. Please call if you have questions regarding disposal of an item.

  • Things you may be billed extra for: Inactivity fee after 10 days of no dump activity (see rates below)
    • Extra container usage fees:
      • 10 yard Handi-can - $4 per day
      • 15 yard container - $5 per day
      • 20 yard container - $6 per day
      • 30 yard container - $8 per day
  • Tonnage over limit: $35.00 per ton for any tonnage over 14 tons (5 tons for 10/15 yard Handi-can containers)
  • Trip fee of $125.00 or more if your box is overloaded, blocked in or unable to be hauled for any reason.

Unacceptable items in the container - If any unacceptable items are found at the landfill while emptying the dumpster, you will be held responsible and charged accordingly for each item and/or risk possible rejection of the load. 

How to load your container:


All material must be within the container, at or below the fill line to allow for tarping and safe transport. Weight must not exceed legal limits per SC law. PASCON, LLC reserves the right to refuse to haul any container that is overloaded and customer will be charged a return trip fee. PASCON, LLC accepts no responsibility for damage to driving surfaces. Customers must place the container on a wide open drivable surface. Customer is responsible for any and all tow fees and/or damages if the rolloff truck becomes stuck.